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Mpeg Video Gallery

You will need a fast, high-bandwidth Internet connection to download these video files. We suggest a T1, DSL, Cable or ISDN connection for reasonable download times. Download video files by clicking any image on the right-hand side of the screen.

You will need a Windows Video Player capable of viewing MPEG videos. This should be available in Win 95, Win98+ Operating Systems. Our videos have embedded sound, so have your speakers turned up!


Triple Wraparound Monitor System
Overhead view of 27-inch wraparound monitor system providing nearly 180-degree panoramic drivers view.
Mpeg Video File:
2 mega-byte
14 Seconds
Triple Monitor System
Grand Prix Bodywork Panoramic View
Front-to-rear view of full-size Grand Prix body.
Mpeg Video File:
2 mega-byte
12 Seconds
Grand Prix Body Overall View

BoneKrusher 9000
G-Force Feedback Steering

View This One!
Turn your sound up!

BoneKrusher Flywheel and 1/2 horsepower steering feedback testing & calibration. Steering systems are extremely realistic and provide real-time instant feedback exactly like racing. 140mph oversteer feels like the same oversteer in race cars. It has to be seen and felt to believe the realism.
Mpeg Video File:
2 mega-byte
11 Seconds

G-Force Steering Systems
Car Setup Keyboard
Car Setup Keyboard allows for an infinite combination of car setup parameters including: ride heights, spring rates, wing angles, tire pressures & gear ratios. You can literally dial-in a car to suit your driving style just like race car engineers and drivers.
Mpeg Video File:
1 mega-byte
7 Seconds
Car Setup Keyboard
Software Programming & Coding
Complex technical software calculates more than 1000 different car variables per second and provides an exact replication of the physics of race car dynamics. Aerodynamics, suspension, tires and the race track surface are rendered by complex code written by engineers.
Mpeg Video File:
2 mega-byte
11 Seconds
Technical Software
Aerial Overhead View of Cockpit
This is an interesting view of the cockpit that shows a driver at a trade show venue
Mpeg Video File:
1 mega-byte
5 Seconds
Overhead Cockpit View
OnscreenTire Load Telemetry
Real-time telemetry provides statistical data that graphically portrays tire slip angles and road holding of all four corners of the vehicle.

Mpeg Video File:
1 mega-byte
4 Seconds
Tire Load Telemetry

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