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D. FranchittiHave you ever wondered how your driving skills would rank against a professional racing driver? While sitting on the couch watching a televised race, have you ever wondered,

"Can I race cars?
Do I have the talent?
Can I beat Formula 1 and CART Drivers?"

Does the idea of competing against the lap times of drivers like Jacques Villeneuve and Dario Franchitti wet your appetite? Well, if you have the driving skills, you'll be able to show us on the World's most advanced racing simulators! If you're fast enough to be the Pacesetter, you'll win the cash and prove that you've got what it takes to beat the pros!!

Scratch & WinRacing Simulators.Com will bring you the opportunity during the 2001 racing season with the "Set The Pace, Win The Race" driving competitions. Competitions will be held at selected events and motor races. You can secure your entry through official Scratch & Win cards, so stay tuned to our website for competition rules on how you can grab your card and possibly win a shot at a hundred-grand!

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