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In A Nutshell
The world's most advanced Professional Racing Simulators used by F1 teams, drivers, corporate brands, advertising & promotional agencies, trade show marketers, media and entertainment companies in North America, Europe & Australia.

Used For:

National & International Events
Conventions & Trade Shows
Corporate Hospitality
Celebrity/Media/Pro Driver Contests
Radio Remote Broadcasts
Publicity Hooks & PR Campaigns
Company Event & Employee Incentive Campaigns
Small promotions or mass marketed national campaigns
Special Events
Consumer Promotions
Web Themed Promos
Retail Promotions
Product Launches
Grand Openings
In-pack packaged goods promotions/event tie-ins
Non-profit fund raising
Employee or Sales Incentives

We deliver, publicity and fun brand interaction, lots of awareness, and many eyeballs (exposure) throughout the world! In short, we attract a lot of attention. Our simulators are driven and seen, by millions of people and we receive national and international media exposure in North America and Europe.

Here are a few annual statistics:

300,000 - 500,000 people lap on machines in 20+ countries
2.5 - 5 million laps are driven
20-25 million onscreen advertising billboard impressions
An estimated 1-2 million people/spectators view the simulators
Featured in Television News/Publicity in Europe, America & Canada
Featured in Print News/Publicity Europe, America & Canada
Large International Web Audience
Special Events occur at:
- Televised Sporting Events (ABC, ESPN, CTV, Speedvision)
- Media Centers
- Radio Remotes
- Trade Shows & Conventions
- Corporate Conferences & Hospitality Venues
Simulator locations in USA, Canada, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Lebanon and South Africa
Who & What
Collectively, more than a dozen companies and 100+ skilled individuals are responsible for allocating more than $20 million in resources towards the packaging, production and implementation of comprehensive marketing programs that include special events, advertising, promotions, media and public relations.

The number of people and companies involved has grown exponentially over the past decade. Ten years ago, the simulators were born in the back room of a college student's apartment. They were engineered on a shoe string budget and were pasted together with rubber bands, nails and pieces of wood. The initial software programs ran on an 8088 PC and the feedback steering mechanisms operated through a network of belts and pulleys.

Today the capabilities have expanded with technology and the largest simulators are housed in huge semi-trucks that travel throughout Europe promoting the Rothmans and Winfield tobacco brands at major consumer attractions. This consumer attraction is simply the most technically advanced simulation on the planet and it is derived from Formula 1 motor racing.

This huge commercial system includes motion platform systems, BoneKrusher 9000 high G-force feedback steering systems, 20' outdoor Barco Light Cannon imaging systems, 42-inch Flat-panel Plasma graphics, concert quality sound systems, F1 show cars, merchandising exhibits, models and stages for celebrities and personalities.

The entire manufacturing and distribution process involves a broad spectrum of skills and contracted staff including: software development, programming, mechanical prototyping, race car engineering, computer imaging, graphic design, public relations, special events management, web designers, photographers and media relation specialists.
Our calendar is not seasonal. It runs year round January through December. The Fall and Winter involves trade show marketing and the sports and special events calendar occurs March through November.

A partial list of customers include:

Yokohama Tire
Grand Prix Tours
Winfield Tobacco/Williams Grand Prix (F1)
Virtual World Canada
Malibu Grand Prix
Player's Tobacco
.and many more

How Do I Participate
We have marketing programs starting with basic trade show leases, or we can build custom promotions, events, or marketing campaigns from scratch.

Most often brands opt to participate with our year-round events and marketing programs as an added-value to their own initiatives. There are a lot of companies involved around the world and collectively they offer unique cross-marketing opportunities for brands.

Whether you are a small company that is looking for a good "bang for the buck" traffic-generator at your next corporate trade show, or you're a major brand looking to build a national or international marketing tie-in to your advertising campaigns, we probably have a marketing program you'll be interested in.

We have budgets that will accommodate all levels. We've helped small companies with budgets in the low thousands, and we also offer multi-million dollar promotional campaigns for larger brands.

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